Terms and Conditions 

Part 1: Lotte.V1 Loyal Program Terms & Conditions
Part 2: Lotte.V1 Referral Program Terms & Conditions
Part 3: Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions of participation in the Lotte.V1 Loyal Program carefully. By participating in this program, you agree to be bound by the terms described herein. If you do not agree to all of these terms, you should not participate in this program.

1.1 Membership Eligibility and Overview
The Lotte.V1 Loyal Program (“Program”) is offered at the sole discretion of Lotte.V1 LLC (“Lotte.V1”, “we,” “our'' or “us”). The Program is available to individuals for their personal use only and is limited to one account per individual. Individuals who are at least over the age of 18 years or older, who provide a valid email address, purchase our Continue Styling Session or a family or friend purchases a styling session with their Referral Code are eligible to become members. By joining the Program and becoming a Program member, you (individually and collectively, “you,” “your,” or “Member”), agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions of Participation (“Program Terms'') and by any changes or modifications we may make. 

1.2 Program Enrollment
For eligible individuals to enroll in the Program they must be invited by a Lotte.V1 employee. This invitation occurs over email after you purchase a Continue styling session or if a family member or friend purchases a styling session with your personal Referral Code. Once this occurs, you will receive a personal invitation to our Program and can begin to earn benefits.

1.3 How the Lotte Loyal Program Works
You reach loyalty tiers by making eligible purchases of Lotte.V1 Continue Styling Sessions during twelve consecutive months only. Referrals are only valid to gain entrance into the Program. Once you purchase a certain number of Continue Styling Sessions, you may be eligible for special benefits applicable to that tier. Special benefits may change from time to time and may be offered on a limited basis.

The Lotte.V1 Loyal Program is a tier-based Program determined by the number of Continue Styling Sessions a Member has purchased within a single year, beginning on the date of enrollment. There are three (3) tiers with associated benefits:
  • Tier 1: Introducing Purchase one Continue Styling Session
  • Tier 2: Connecting Purchase three Continue Styling Sessions
  • Tier 3: Private Client Purchase eight Continue Styling Sessions

When you join the Lotte Loyal Program, you’ll automatically be placed in Tier 1 and be eligible for all the benefits Tier 1 members receive. Once you purchase three more Continue Styling Sessions, you’ll be automatically promoted to Tier 2. If you purchase eight Continue Styling Sessions or more in your first year, you’ll qualify for Tier 3.

Your status in a particular tier is valid during the year in which you qualify for that tier and the following 12 months. If you meet the spend threshold for your tier during the second 12-month period, your rewards will be extended for another 12 months. When you exceed the session threshold, you will be upgraded to the next tier. If you do not meet the session threshold, you’ll drop down a tier. For example, if you qualify for Tier 3 during your first 12 months, you’ll maintain that status for that current year and the following 12 months. However, if during the second 12 month period, you do not purchase eight (8) Continue Styling Sessions, you’ll revert to Tier 2 or Tier 1 respectively to the number of Continue Styling Sessions purchased during the second 12 month period.

1.4 Program Benefits and Rewards
As a Member, you earn tier levels that determine your tier benefits. To redeem benefits, you must have accumulated the minimum number of Continue Styling Session purchases as established by us for a particular benefit. Tier rewards may never be exchanged for cash. Qualifying Members will receive email invitations when benefits are available. On your enrollment date, your tier status will reset to Tier One.

Tier 1: Introducing: Purchase one (1) Continue Styling Session
Receive Access to our Private Client Space which includes:
  • Small Gift
  • Eligibility for our Loyalty Program: Get benefits as you buy your ‘Continue’ styling sessions
  • Access to ‘Continue’ sessions via private link
  • Private reference board
  • Vintage curation list for your area and online
  • Eligibility for our Referral Program: If your referee purchases their first styling session with Lotte, they will receive a complimentary additional look in their first session!
  • Access to your stylist, all the time: Welcome to our newest program, The Little Things.

Tier 2: Connecting: Purchase three (3) Continue Styling Sessions within twelve (12) months
  • All Tier 1 Benefits
  • Free Lotte “Birthday Look” in a 15-minute styling session

Tier 3: Private Client: Purchase eight (8) Continue Styling Sessions within twelve (12) months
  • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 Benefits
  • Two complimentary, additional looks in your 8th Lotte session
  • Invitation to exclusive Lotte events

During the month of your birthday, you can redeem your Birthday Look via email from a Lotte stylist. Your Birthday Look must be redeemed during your birthday month or by the last day of the following month. For example, if your birthday is April 8th, you must redeem your gift by June 30, otherwise the offer will expire. You must reply to your stylist’s email and schedule a date for the session to redeem your Birthday Look. There is a limit of one (1) Birthday Look per Member per year and Birthday Look cannot be transferred, delayed, exchanged or returned. 

1.5 Neither accounts nor Program benefits may be shared or combined. Only the Member paying for the services may accumulate benefits.

1.6 Benefits earned through the Program have no cash value, are non-transferable, and have no property rights in or to Program benefits. The sale, barter, transfer, or assignment of any benefits offered through the Program, other than by us, is prohibited.

1.7 We are not responsible for benefits lost or redeemed due to fraudulent activity.

1.8 We reserve the right to change Program benefits, how you reach each Program tier and how we evaluate and reward your eligible purchases and/or other Program activity at any time.  We reserve the right to place limits on the number of purchases or activities that are eligible for the Program and/or for any given tier, the number or types of benefits you may receive or earn in any given tier, in a given time period or for the duration of the Program, and/or any combination thereof at any time.

2 Termination and Modification
2.1 The Program and its benefits are offered at our sole discretion.  We may, in our sole discretion, cancel, modify, restrict or terminate these Program Terms, our FAQs, and/or the Program or any aspect or feature of the Program at any time without prior notice, even though such changes may affect the value of benefits already accumulated or earned and/or the ability to redeem accumulated benefits.

2.2 We reserve the right to exclude you from or to discontinue your participation in the Program and to audit your membership account at any time, in our sole discretion.  Any suspected abuse of the Program, failure to follow any Program Terms, membership inactivity [i.e. no points earned or redeemed for more than twenty-four (24) continuous months], illegal activity, fraud, misrepresentation or other conduct inconsistent with these Program Terms and/or detrimental to us or our interests, including without limitation, any suspected illegal, fraudulent other unauthorized use of any Program rewards, cards, credits, vouchers, coupons and/or certificates, may result in the revocation of your membership and make you ineligible for further participation in the Program. If your membership is revoked, any rewards or benefits in your account will automatically expire and your access to the Program and its features will automatically be terminated. If we suspect illegal activity, fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of these Program Terms, we also have the right to take appropriate legal action, in our sole discretion.

2.3 Contact Us
For information about the Program and your membership, contact Office at lottev1.com. You will be required to confirm your full name and email address in order to validate your account.


The Lotte.V1 Referral Program allows Lotte.V1 clients to give friends or family members a complimentary additional look in their first styling session with Lotte.V1. Your (the “Referrer”) participation in the Lotte.V1 Referral Program (“Lotte.V1 Referral Program” or “Program”) agrees to abide by these Referral Program “Terms & Conditions”. We reserve the right to terminate the Program at any time for any reason. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions in their entirety, then you cannot register and participate in the Program.

Defined Terms
Referrer: you, a registered Lotte.V1 client
Referred Client: a friend or family member who has not previously purchased a Lotte.V1 styling session before and to whom the Referrer shares their code with, to be used at checkout. A “friend” is a person you communicate frequently and have met in person before. A “family member” is a person who is your parent, sibling or child or a person with whom you are related through marriage or common-law partnership.
Referral Code: A personalized referral code, provided to the Referrer by Lotte.V1.
Referred Client Promotion: A complimentary additional look to be used in the Referred Client’s first Lotte.V1 styling session.

How It Works
To participate, the Referrer will be provided a personal Referral Code which the Referrer can share with their friends and family. If a Referred Client uses the Referral Code at checkout when purchasing a Lotte.V1 Styling Session, the Referred Client will receive a Referred Client Promotion in their first Lotte.V1 styling session. There is a limit of 50 Referral Codes per membership year. Referred Clients can use the Referral Code one time for their first session with Lotte.V1. After that first session, the Referral Code can not be applied again to that Referred Client. 

About our Referral Program
For the Referrer: The Referrer may receive a Referral Code at any time if the Referrer themselves purchased a Lotte.V1 styling session and receives an email inviting them to the Lotte.V1 Referral Program. The Referral Code is available for use for one year, with an actionable renewal that will occur via email. Referrer is limited to referring up to fifty (50) friends or family members per 12 months.

For the Referred Client: To receive the Referred Client Promotion, the Referred Client must use the Referral Code and purchase a styling session on Lottev1.com. The Referred Client Promotion will be automatically applied to the styling session and is valid for a one-time use only and must be used within 365 days of receiving the Referred Client Promotion.

Promotion Exclusions: Each Referred Client Promotion is non-transferable, not valid for cash or cash equivalent, and cannot be combined with other offers. Each of the Referrer and the Referred Client is responsible for any and all tax liability resulting from any Referred Client Promotion. Each Referred Client Promotion may be redeemed on Lottev1.com only and may not be applied to any prior purchases, taxes, or toward the purchase of gift cards.

Rules of the Lotte.V1 Referred Client Promotion
Lotte.V1 reserves the right to review, investigate and disqualify any Referred Client Promotion that violates the spirit and rules of the Lotte.V1 Referral Program, such as attempting to gain a Referred Client Promotion through self-referral by using a different email address, or distributing a Referral Code via commercial advertising or spam. Lotte.V1 may delay any Referred Client Promotion for the purposes of investigation and may refuse to verify and process any transaction for any reason. If you cancel your order, the Referred Client Promotion may no longer be valid or may be withdrawn.

Referrers must comply with all up-to-date “SPAM” laws and marketing regulations, which may include the laws where the intended Referred Client lives. For example, emails must be created and distributed in a personal manner and bulk email distribution is prohibited. Any distribution of the Referral Code that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or "spam" under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account and exclusion from Lotte.V1’s Referral Program.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about the above terms and conditions, please contact office@lottev1.com.


The Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program allows Lotte.V1 clients to communicate with their personal stylist on a monthly basis. Your (the “Client”) participation in the Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program (“Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program” or “Program”) agrees to abide by these The Little Things Program Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to terminate the Program at any time for any reason. If you do not agree to these Terms in their entirety, then you cannot register and participate in the Program.

Defined Terms
Client: you, a registered Lotte.V1 client
Lotte.V1 Stylist: a stylist under the direction of Lotte.V1
Text Message: The messaging system on your mobile device, either iMessage or WhatsApp.

How It Works
To participate, you must be personally invited to the Program by a Lotte.V1 Stylist. If a Client is interested, you will be provided with a private purchasing link that will enter you into the Program. Your Program will begin the 1st of the upcoming month, as we do not begin this service mid-month. For example, if the Client purchases the Program on April 20th, the service will not begin until May 1st. Once your service begins, the Client receives their Lotte.V1 Stylist's private phone number and can ask them five questions between the hours of 7:30am - 8:00pm EST. The Lotte.V1 Stylist will track each question their Client asks, sending them updates at the end of every answer they provide for their Client. At the end of the month, if a Client chooses to renew the service, they will have another five questions available to ask via Text Message.

What type of questions can you ask? In general, if your question should take a Lotte.V1 Styling Session's worth of time to answer, they should not be asked.

What your stylist can answer:
  • Yes or No questions
  • This or That questions
  • Is this appropriate for this event?
  • What would you change in this look?
  • Why doesn’t my look feel right?
  • Which shoe do you prefer?
  • I want to buy INSERT ITEM, should I?
  • I’m looking at three different items, which should I purchase?
  • Should I wear gold or silver jewelry?
  • I forget how you told me to wear this INSERT ITEM, help!
  • Is this an ethical brand to buy from?
  • What do you recommend when looking for a tailor?
  • Should I get these pants tailored?
  • I’m just feeling shitty this week. How do you stay excited getting dressed during these times?
  • Is white denim okay to wear in the winter?
  • Is this a trend I should be following?
  • Images, videos, and links are encouraged!

What your stylist can’t answer:
  • Sourcing vintage or second hand pieces.
  • What should I wear today?
  • What should I wear to [INSERT EVENT]?
  • Sourcing a specific piece of clothing and/or accessory.
  • Finding a specific reference image that you are looking for.
  • What we think you should wear to XYZ.
  • What to pack on vacation
  • Sending you inspiration imagery for the week, a certain event, or day.
  • Do you know what top INSERT FAMOUS MODEL is wearing here?
  • Where should I shop secondhand or vintage in INSERT VERY SPECIFIC CITY?

Rules of the Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program
  1. Lotte.V1 Stylists are available to answer questions from 7:30am - 8:00pm EST, 7 days a week. They will not answer any questions outside of this timeframe.
  2. Lotte.V1 Stylists will only answer questions sent via Text Message. FaceTime, phone calls, video calls, WhatsApp calls, Social Media Direct Messages, Group Chats, Emails, or Slacks are prohibited. This service is strictly text message based.
  3. Lotte.V1 Stylists have a window of three hours to answer their Client’s questions. Although they usually answer quickly, this window is needed if your Lotte.V1 Stylist is in a session at the time. Please respect your Lotte.V1 Stylist’s time.
  4. Lotte.V1 Stylists are allowed at any time to deny a question with reasoning. If a Client’s questions falls outside of the question type list, a Lotte.V1 stylist will not answer the question. You will be permitted one re-ask. If the re-ask does not fall under the question type list, you will lose one question for that month.
  5. Client questions cannot be rolled over to the next month. If a Client does not ask all five questions, the remainder that is left at the end of the month will be void.
  6. Lotte.V1 Stylists work with one phone number only. If a Client texts their Lotte.V1 Stylist from another phone number, the question will not be answered as Lotte.V1 cannot confirm the identity of the sender.
  7. A Client’s Lotte.V1 Stylist will only reach out to them via one phone number for the entirety of a Client’s participation in the program. You will not receive Text Messages from someone else. For whatever reason a phone number changes, Clients will be notified via email.
  8. The information a Client obtains from their Lotte.V1 Stylist via Text Message must stay within their Text Messages. You cannot screenshot, post, copy or paste a Lotte.V1 stylist’s advice or guidance. This information is meant for the Client only and is confidential.
  9. If a Client is not happy with the Program at the end, middle or beginning of their service, a Client can cancel at any time. A Client will not receive a refund. The purchase of this Program is non-refundable. This Program is final sale meaning a Client cannot receive money back once the service is started or completed.
  10. A Client may not, at any time, share their Lotte.V1 Stylist’s personal phone number and information. If a friend is interested in the Program, they should contact office@lottev1.com.
  11. The Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program is only available to Client’s of Lotte.V1.
  12. A Client may only text their Lotte.V1 Stylist when they have a style question or a question about the Program. All other topics are strictly prohibited.
  13. If a Client’s phone number changes and they do not inform their Lotte.V1 Stylist, they will not receive a refund on any question unanswered. It is a Client’s responsibility to maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date information with the Program.

General Rules
Lotte.V1 reserves the right to review, investigate and disqualify any Client that violates the spirit and rules of the Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program, such as attempting to gain a Lotte.V1 Stylist’s phone number without paying for the Program, or distributing your Lotte.V1 Stylist’s phone number via commercial advertising or spam. If a Client asks over five questions or questions that are deemed too long by Lotte.V1, Lotte.V1 can disqualify the Client from the Program.  Lotte.V1 may delay the Program for the purposes of investigation and may refuse to verify and answer any question for any reason.

In general, to stop receiving Text Messages from your Lotte.V1 Stylist, you can text STOP to your Lotte.V1 Stylist and you will not receive any more messages from your Lotte.V1 Stylist. The Lotte.V1 Program charges a monthly fee for the service offering, not per-text message sent. However, standard message and data rates may apply to each text message sent or received in connection with the Lotte.V1 The Little Things Program, as provided in your mobile telephone service rate plan. Please contact your mobile telephone carrier for pricing plans and information. Client represents that they are the account holder for the mobile telephone number that Client provides.

Lotte.V1 may revise, modify or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such revision, modification or amendment shall take effect when it is posted to Lotte.V1’s website.

Contact Us
If a Client has any questions about the above terms and conditions, please contact office@lottev1.com.