Frequently Asked Questions

  • Styling Sessions +
    • What is the difference between Renew and Expand Styling Sessions?
      The Renew styling session is for someone who is content in their personal style but has trouble using what they own, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, or just feels a bit uninspired at the moment.

      The Expand styling session is for someone looking to further develop their personal style. Maybe you have an idea of what you like but don’t know how to get there. Or you have no idea. Leave with a clear direction, inspiration and confidence around your style.

      What can I expect during a Lotte Styling Session?
      Every styling session is based on a custom three-step process, wholly done over Zoom or FaceTime. We modeled this process after the experience our founder has in the fashion industry.

      Pre-Session: Before we meet, you receive a personal email from your stylist with three action items to complete. Think of it like the intake form you fill out at the doctor.

      Session: We begin with Connect, which is an identity-based discussion. We need to know you first before we reflect that in your clothing. Next, in the Curate section, we work through your current wardrobe defining foundational pieces. Finally, we Grow or style! We will create four full looks (including accessories) using your wardrobe.

      Post Session: And it doesn’t stop there. After our session, you will receive a customized portfolio in your inbox. It houses everything we discussed in our session, further recommendations and tips for use long after our session. Lotte clients say they reference this portfolio weekly!

      Do I need to prepare anything beforehand?
      You will receive a personal email from your stylist prior to your scheduled session with three action items to complete. One is an Introduction Inquiry where questions range from style, identity, growth, values and more. We do this so our time together can be as efficient as possible. We then ask you to choose three pieces that feel the most ‘you’ as well as arranging your space. But all this will take 10 minutes or so!

      What if I don’t have high-quality clothes to style with? I have a pretty casual wardrobe.
      Lotte welcomes all types of styles and wardrobes! Regardless of how you view your clothing, our stylists are trained to find the potential. We all have different relationships and needs from our clothing; Lotte’s service was created to adapt to all of those.

      What is your Continue Styling Session?
      Continue styling sessions are for Lotte.V1 clients that have already purchased a Renew or Expand session, done the style development needed and now have access to our lower priced 45-minute styling session. Here we create five looks and update your style portfolio with new reference imagery and style notes.
  • About Lotte +
    • Who founded the company?
      Sam Weir is a New York City-based stylist with vast industry experience. She has worked in celebrity, editorial, personal, and commercial styling, trained with renowned stylists such as Kate Young, Alex White, and Sarah Richardson, and held a position as junior fashion editor at Document Journal. In 2022, dreaming of a creative and climate-conscious solution for the styling industry, Sam launched Lotte.

      Why are you called ‘Lotte.V1’?
      The name Lotte (la-ta) was Sam’s grandmother’s nickname growing up in Germany. When Sam was mulling over founding this company, we kept coming back to her grandmother. Clothing was always part of her identity; she understood the magic of personal style but also the practical needs of it, and that is Lotte. We use Lotte when referring to our company and it’s ethos and Lotte.V1 when referring to our services.

      Where are you based?
      We conduct our client services over Zoom and FaceTime with an office in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Re-Scheduling +
    • There are no monetary charges for rescheduling your styling session. We do ask you to respect our stylist’s time and let them know 48 hours in advance. Rescheduling can always occur but we cannot guarantee when the next available appointment may be. Please note, scheduling another session may take longer due to high demand.

      Reschedule Attempts: If you cannot attend the service you booked, you can reschedule three times before the service is cancelled with no refund.
  • Late Policy +
    • The full 60 minutes is needed to ensure you receive the best service possible. If you will be more than ten minutes late, please send an email to your stylist to reschedule. Please note, scheduling another session may take longer due to high demand.
  • Cancellations +
    • To cancel your styling session and receive a full refund, please contact your stylist or the Lotte.V1 customer service team ( 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.

      If you do not cancel your styling session within 72 hours there will be monetary charges due to stylist preparation. For cancellations within 48 hours of appointment, you will be charged $10. For same day cancellations, you will be charged $20. If you do not cancel or attend your appointment, you will be charged the full session price.
  • Refund Policy +
    • Once you complete a Lotte.V1 styling service, there is no refund (debit, cash, credit) available. Services are final sale meaning you cannot receive money back once the service is started or completed. We care deeply about your experience. If you are displeased with your Lotte.V1 styling experience, please send us a note at
  • Payment Policy +
    • Lotte.V1 accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. We process payments through our trusted third-party vendor, Stripe. We are unable to accept prepaid gift cards, checks or money orders.

      All information shared with us when purchasing a Lotte.V1 service is confidential. We use secure systems in order to ensure that details pertaining to your accounts remain private. We accept payment via Stripe. Please note only one form of payment method may be used on a single order. The payment methods we accept are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept bank checks, money orders or cash.

      If you have a question you do not see answered above, please reach out to our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Lotte Referral Program +
    • What is the Lotte Referral Program?
      You are probably one of the first people to try things (including Lotte) in your friend group. You tested us out and maybe want to share Lotte with others! With the Lotte Referral Program, when you tell people about us, give them a free styled look too! If family or friends purchase a session with your personal referral code they will receive a complimentary additional look in their first styling session!

      How does the referral program work?
      After your first Lotte styling session, you will receive a private email from your stylist with a personal Referral Code. Once you have the Referral Code, feel free to text or email it to friends and family. They can then enter the Referral Code at checkout when purchasing their first styling session, receiving a complimentary, additional look!

      How do I refer people?
      You must be a client of Lotte.V1 to refer someone. If you are, you will receive a personal Referral Code to share with family and friends over email, text or social media direct message. This Referral Code can be used at checkout. The Referral Code is available for use for one year and is renewable.

      How can I tell I made a successful referral?
      You will receive an email confirming and thanking you for your Referred Friend!

      Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
      Yes. You are limited to 50 Referred Friends per membership year.

      What are the Terms and Conditions?
      Please review our Terms and Conditions here.

  • The Little Things Service +
    • What is The Little Things Service?
      The Little Things is a monthly subscription service, $18/month, for those who wish to maintain a more consistent communication with their Lotte stylist. You can ask five questions per month to your personal stylist via Text Message (SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp).

      We answer those questions that aren’t large enough for a session but still matter. “Which shoe do you prefer?” or “Is this a brand I should be supporting?” - all the little things we think of when getting dressed in the morning or for a big event, you can now ask your trusted Lotte.V1 Stylist.

      What kind of questions can I ask?
      Your questions can be broad or very specific:
      – Yes or No questions
      – This or That questions
      – Is this appropriate for this event?
      – What would you change in this look?
      – Why doesn’t my look feel right?
      – Which shoe do you prefer?
      – I want to buy INSERT ITEM, should I?
      – I’m looking at three different items, which should I purchase?
      – Should I wear gold or silver jewelry?
      – I forget how you told me to wear this INSERT ITEM, help!
      – Is this an ethical brand to buy from?
      – What do you recommend when looking for a tailor?
      – Should I get these pants tailored?
      – I’m just feeling shitty this week. How do you stay excited getting dressed during these times?
      – Is white denim okay to wear in the winter?
      – Is this a trend I should be following? (our answer will probably be no)
      – Images, videos, and links are encouraged!

      What kind of questions can’t I ask?
      In general, if your question should take a Lotte.V1 Styling Session's worth of time to answer, they should not be asked.
      – Sourcing vintage or second hand pieces.
      – What should I wear today?
      – What should I wear to [INSERT EVENT]?
      – Sourcing a specific piece of clothing and/or accessory.
      – Finding a specific reference image that you are looking for.
      – What we think you should wear to XYZ.
      – What to pack on vacation (deserves a session!)
      – Sending you inspiration imagery for the week, a certain event, or day.
      – Do you know what top INSERT FAMOUS MODEL is wearing here?
      – Where should I shop secondhand or vintage in INSERT VERY SPECIFIC CITY?

      What’s the difference between this and a Lotte.V1 Styling Session?
      A Lotte.V1 Styling Session provides a client with style development and four styled looks (head to toe). The Little Things service answers those smaller questions that you wouldn’t purchase a 45-minute session for. It also allows you to have more consistent conversations over a new medium (text message).

      When can I ask these questions?
      Your stylist will answer questions from 7:30am - 8:00pm EST, 7 days a week. So whether you're getting ready for work or a dinner, your stylist is available! Your stylist will not answer any questions or respond outside of those defined hours.

      Is it actually my stylist answering?
      Yes! Robots or AI cannot offer the advice and solutions your stylist will.

      Can I send videos or pictures of my looks?
      Yes! We actually encourage this as it helps both your and your stylist find the best solution.

      What is the payment process like?
      The service functions on a calendar month basis, with a one-time fee of $18.00 at the beginning of each month. On the first of the month, your subscription to the program will be renewed automatically. You always have the option to opt-out as well. All payment processing is with our secure third-party technology partner, Stripe. Lotte.V1 accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. We are unable to accept prepaid gift cards, checks or money orders.

      Why am I paying monthly?
      To properly track your questions, this program works on a calendar month cycle. For example, if you purchased this service on April 20th, the service wouldn’t start until May 1st. This ensures you have the full month to ask questions and our stylists can properly track them.

      What if I want to ask more than five questions a month?
      That’s what our sessions are for! Ask your more in-depth questions and get styled in our Renew, Expand, or Continue Session. The Little Things program is restricted to five questions/month only.

      What if I don’t ask all my questions in the month?
      Unfortunately, questions cannot roll over to the next month. If you do not ask all five questions, whatever is left will be void. Your stylist will provide you with updates throughout the month on how many questions you asked so you will always be aware! You can also text your stylist at any time to ask.

      Can I cancel my subscription if I’m not happy with it?
      Of course! Cancellation can happen at any time however, once you purchase the service there is no refund. Whether you asked one question, three or all five, you may not receive a refund of any kind once the service has started. To cancel, you can reply to your stylist’s text message or email your stylist directly.

      What are the Terms and Conditions?
      Please review our Terms and Conditions here.

Why does consumption matter? We are using up the planet at a rate 1.7 times faster than it can regenerate. If everyone consumed like the average American, it would be five times faster (Earth Overshoot Day). As a small step, think about what you buy first.
The largest driver of resource reduction is not how a piece of clothing is produced, but the number of times it is worn. 

For the past 50 years, the fashion industry has attempted to “green” production and consumption, but even with current innovations, green technologies, and the rise of environmental consciousness, this industry's impact on our planet hasn’t improved. It’s gotten worse. 

Still, we believe there is hope. To create a better future, we must rekindle our relationship with clothes. We must have the strength to admit that we’ve taken too much. And we must stop believing that wearing the same article of clothing more than once is worse than killing our Planet. In short, we must welcome a world where styling favors shopping and care favors consumption.

CURRENTLY, Excessive production and consumption of clothing are deeply hurting us and our Planet. WITH LOTTE,  Wearing what you own is more impactful than you think.

– Every year, consumers around the world miss out on 460 billion dollars of value by throwing away clothes they could rewear (

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

– Research shows that people who organize their lives around consumption report more unhappiness in relationships, poor moods, and increased psychological problems 

(The High Price of Materialism).

–  Textile production emits 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gasses every year, which is more than those emitted by international flights and maritime shipping combined

(Ellen MacArthur Foundation)


+ Doubling the use of our clothing has the power to cut the garment trade’s climate pollution by nearly half. (

The Day The World Stops Shopping

+ According to the EPA, for every 2 million tons of textiles we keep in circulation and out of landfills, we can reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking 1 million cars off the road (

US Environmental Protection Agency

Doubling the lifespan of a garment (30 to 60 uses) reduced its GHG footprint by roughly half (

World Resources Institute


Email support:
Follow along: @lottev1

N o t e: References to irresponsible consumption found throughout this website and in all of Lotte.V1’s work, primarily refer to the top consuming countries causing most of our environmental and ecological crisis (i.e. The Global North - United States, Canada, The European Union, Russia, Japan, and Australia). We believe it’s up to these countries to change. We recognize there are billions of individuals living within their means, and many even under consuming (Footprint Network, Living Planet Report).

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